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Needle Aponevrotomy  

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Needle Aponevrotomy


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Needle Aponevrotomy (NA)

NA is a non-surgical procedure for the treatment of contracted Dupuytren's cords in the hand. It is sometimes also called needle aponeurotomy or needle fasciotomy. It is minimally invasive - under local anesthetic, the physician uses a small hypodermic needle to divide and sever the contracting bands in the diseased areas of the palm and fingers. This technique was developed in Paris by Dr. Lermusiaux in the early 1950's and has been in use in France for the past 30 years. This procedure is now available to you in the US.

The effectiveness of this method is outstanding.

NA vs. Surgery

bulletNA is an office procedure which takes approximately a half-hour to an hour to perform; no need for hospitalization or general anesthesia.


Rapid healing - aside from heavy lifting, normal activity is easily resumed after 48 hours. Physical therapy is not required. After standard surgical methods months of physical therapy and rehab are required.


Little or no pain medication is needed afterwards.


Virtually no complications or scarring. Complications that may occur from traditional surgical methods used to correct Dupuytren's contracture - such as nerve injury, infection, hematoma formation, stiffness, flare reaction or RSD (Reflex sympathetic dystrophy) - are extremely minimal, if not unheard of, with NA. There is no scarring.


In the event that the disease returns, which happens in about 50% of patients, this procedure can be repeated many times if necessary. This cannot be said for other surgical methods used to treat Dupuytren's contracture, which can eventually lead to amputation of the finger if repeated.


Much less expensive than standard surgical methods (fascitomy, fasciectomy, dermofasciectomy). Depending upon the severity of the disease, it can be as little as 1/5 the cost of surgery.


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Each hand has to be treated on separate days, so you should plan on a 2 day visit.



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